Apache DocumentRoot must be directory

July 15, 2013 mohancheema 0

You have created a separate partition for you htdocs folder and mounted it on /path/to/documentroot. However, when you try to start Apache you get following error ‘DocumentRoot must be directory’.

This is due to SELinux to get Apache working you have 2 ways

  1. Crude way:- disable SELinux altogether
  2. Eligible way:- set SELinux context to that directory
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Nagios Installation Quick Guide

April 28, 2010 mohancheema 0


This guide is intended to provide you with simple instructions on how to install Nagios from source (code) on RHEL and have it monitoring your local machine within 20 minutes. No advanced installation options are discussed here – just the basics that will work for almost all users who want to get started. These instructions were written based on a standard RHEL 5 distribution.