Amazon ELB SSL Termination HowTo

July 21, 2011 mohancheema 0

We’ve been using the new Amazon Load Balancers (ELB) for some of our websites, since there’s not much information out there on the subject, I thought a post would be in order.

The load balancers are charged at $0.025 per hour, plus $0.008 per GB of data transferred through them. Personally I think this is very reasonable.

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Apache Tomcat Integration HowTo

April 28, 2010 mohancheema 0


This is to explain and understand how to integrate Apache and Tomcat to support Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets using Apache on your website. Although this setup worked for this particular environment, I can make no guarantees that it will work for yours, but it should with some tweaking. I have spent a lot of time gathering several resources in order to get this to work. Many portions of these resources have been deprecated and required a few workarounds. It is my intention that this tutorial will help anyone that has attempted to install such a system without success. If you find any inconsistencies within this tutorial, please notify me using the contact form.