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SVN Hook to send email after commit

August 23, 2010 mohancheema 6

As SVN admin we are asked to send an email to release managers and testers for all the commits made to the repository so that release managers can update their release sheet and testers can do the testing. This is small post-commit hook for SVN which sends out an email to release manager and testers.

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SVN Hook to stop commits without comments

August 23, 2010 mohancheema 1

As SVN admin we need to make sure any commits made to the repository should have comments associated it with. The reason to have comments during commits is simple to know what has been fixed or what new has been added to the repository. Here is the simple shell script I have written to stop the commits if comments has not been added.

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Shell Script for Auto Merging of Subversion code

April 28, 2010 mohancheema 0

We have multiple project developments going on simulteanously and always had issues while merging the code to live. Issues were like code getting overwritten, full fucntionality loss. Hence I have written this script for auto merging of the code which has gone live to the development branch. This is done to eliminate the possibilities of above issues. I have used utility which is available at I hope this script will be helpful for you