Curriculum Vitae

Full Name: Mohan Cheema

Date of Birth: 16th August 1977

Email Address:


Background Information

I am 30 year old System Administrator from Mumbai in Maharashtra, India.

I started my career in IT from September 1999 as Computer Instructor and in May 2000 I joined Intellvisions Software Ltd. an ISO 9000:2001 certified company as HTML programmer and was promoted as Programmer and Network Engineer with in 6 months. Than I joined Katalyst Business Solution an US Based company providing remote server support to mid-sized companies and web hosting companies.

Currently I am working with Arrk Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an UK based Offshore Development Centre I have joined here as System Administrator and Currently I am leading a team of Java Developers and Linux Sys admins. Company gave me a chance to go onsite at customers place and understand their business process and criticality to serve them best we can.

IT Skills

Here * means intermittent level skill.

Programming Language: C
Scripting: Perl, PHP, Bash
Operating System: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD
Application Servers: Tomcat & JBOSS
Database Servers: Oracle*, MySql & Postgres*
WebServer: Apache

Academinc and Professional Qualification

  • Advanced Diploma (Computer Management, Application and Network) from CEDTI Aurangabad
  • B. Com from Mumbai University in 1999

Personal Qualities

  • Comprehensive understanding of networking concepts pertaining to LAN, WAN,NIS, NFS,DHCP, APACHE, Sendmail, SAMBA, FTPD, security, IT communication, WAN protocols and Networking devices administration.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal, communication skills with proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilising the same in a productive manner.
  • Capable of working well under pressure and able to cope with rapid changes in software development concepts & practices.

Current Experience

Arrk Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Working since July 2005 Joined as Senior Support Analyst and Promoted to Team Lead in Feb 2007.

Projects Handled:

Title: eChannles
Client: Royal Automobile Club (RAC)
Location: Onsite (Bristol, Birmingham & Norwich (UK)) and Offsite
Environment: Solaris & Linux
Role: Team Leader
Duration: 1 Year 6 months


It involved understating customer business and getting the complete understating of customers current set-up. Co-ordinating with third party, resolve website related issues raised by internal users. Handling 6 live load balanced web and application server. Involved in Server migration with zero downtime and service interruption from old service provide to new service host.

I joined this project as Senior Support Analyst and currently I am leading the same team.

Title: Cars and DVI
Client: ABI Construction Data UK
Location: Onsite (Chester (UK))
Environment: Solaris
Role: Senior Support Analyst
Duration: 4 Months


It involved understating customer business requirement, providing support to their production environment comprised of Oracle database and application server on Solaris. Also includes Programming in Pro*C, perl scripting, database queries and writing PL/SQL.

Previous Experience

From June 2004 to July 2005 with Katalyst Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Unix Administrator.

Role: Senior Unix Administrator
Organisation: US Based Customers Hosting and Security Firms.
Location: Offsite


  1. Managing 100 Servers
  2. Getting servers out of black list.
  3. Applying Security patches to server on Service and Kernel level.
  4. Configuring Servers Remotely.
  5. Providing 99% Uptime.
  6. Co-ordinating with US NOC/Datacenter to get is issues resolved.

From May 2000 to June 2004 with Intellvisions Software Ltd. AN ISO 9000-2001 Company. Joined as HTML Programmer and promoted to Programmer and Network Engineer.

Projects Handled:

Title: ISP Service Setup
Organisation: Gujarat Info Petroleum Limited System
Location: Onsite
Role: Integrator
Environment: Linux
Duration: 1 Year


It involved setting up the ISP Service for Gujarat State viz. positioning of dial-up, Authentication, DNS Servers, Mail Servers and implementation of Security system using IPCHAINS.

Title: WebLOC, Enterprise Server Software and Caching Engine
Organisation: In-house
Location: Offsite
Role: Programmer
Environment: Linux
Duration: 6 Months


Designing Linux platform having a Web Interface for the administrator to add, delete, modify user & web Interface for stopping and starting the proxy, Net Connection & adding a feature to block the needless sites from viewing.

Title: Mantralaya LAN & WAN Optimization
Organisation: Govt. of Maharashtra
Location: Onsite
Role: Network Engineer
Environment: Windows 2000
Duration: 6 Months


It involved optimizing the existing LAN and WAN setup of Mantralaya connecting the 38 districts of Maharashtra state and re-engineering LAN network entire network built.

Title: Virtual Hosting (Web Hosting)
Organisation: Gujarat Info Petroleum Limited
Location: Onsite
Role: Programmer
Environment: Linux
Duration: 6 Months


It involved full fledged web hosting solution comprising of web hosting, e-mail, ftp access and option of telnet as well as capable of doing name based web hosting and IP Based web hosting. It also included adding, deleting and freezing host with adding it into DNS zone and reverse 0mapping of the IP Address with the host name, adding and deleting user for email creating user aliases, allowing the access through FTP, Telnet or none.

Title: K-TRIS
Organisation: ICICI Bank
Location: Offsite
Role: Programmer
Environment: Linux
Duration: 6 Months


It involved monitoring network programme using shell script and C language having client server architecture ability to monitor SMTP, Pop, http, telnet, FTP, local test like CPU load, disk space and failed services. To test the local network, a client application is kept on the machine,

Title: Bridge Server
Organisation: Mazagon Docks Ltd. (India) Govt. Of India U/T
Location: Offsite
Role: System Administrator; to keep systems up and suggesting new systems implementation.
Environment: Linux
Duration: 1 Year


It involved providing Linux based solution for mailing, browsing, Intranet and internal mailing system. For browsing mini ISP type setup is done where user dial-in to server then browses the internet; total user are 1000 for mail and dialup connection and 6000 for Intranet. It builds on Linux which reside on both Backbone and internet and exchanges mail between internal public and outside world daily mail exchanged are 500 approx.

Title: OptiNas
Organisation: In-House
Location: Offsite
Role: Integrator and Programmer.
Environment: Linux
Duration: 6 Months


It involved Fitting Redhat 7 in 512MB Disk on Module chip using compressed file system. Also, to write web based GUI for administration and configuration.

Title: Intranet Site
Organisation: Mundra Port
Location: Offsite and Onsite
Role: Programmer.
Environment: Linux
Duration: 8 Months


It involved developing companies. intranet site based on PHP MySQL.